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The Dallas Dreamhaus is offering a 4 hour window (1 hour of setup, 2 hours for the tea party, 1 hour breakdown for $325 (typically $500), or a 5 hour booking for $400. To book this exclusive experience, please reach out to us at with your desired party date, time, number of guests, and contact information.

Please note that the above 4 hour $325, and 5 hour $400 rate is just for the use of the venue and does not include our afternoon tea party package pricing.

Our pricing is dependent upon party size and party package details

To view pricing click on “Read More” under the desired theme and choose “Book Now”.

There you’ll choose the desired date that will feature a drop down list featuring the word “Party Size” here you’ll find the pricing information.

How to get this exclusive discount?

1. Before  you book your desired date with the Dallas Dreamhaus or afternoon tea party with The Afternoon Tea Hour e-mail with your date, desired time and party #. (Please note that the max guest count that the venue can accommodate is 20)

2. Once we confirm that Dallas Dreamhaus has your afternoon tea party time and date available, we'll pass along your name and e-mail address to a member of their team. The Dallas Dreamhaus will send you an e-mail to book, and send you important venue information.

3. Next, book your desired afternoon tea party package through The Afternoon Tea Hour! (If you'd like to split payment in two please reach out to us. The first payment is due at the time of booking and the second is due 3 weeks prior to the event.)

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